The control room for an effective and efficent management

with technical and
scientific support of

CCF wants to support and launch the development of a first series of CERs and AUCs through the RECOCER Project, which will provide an acceptable organizational foundation for implementing energy governance in the area with systemic benefits for all municipalities. From 2022, all RAFVG municipalities will have access to these coordination and administration capabilities.

The CERs, which are designed to benefit small local communities, require a “guide” from the CCF to identify the areas, gather partners, support decisions, investment programs, accomplishments, and technical and management services. Municipalities must avoid “going it alone” and “falling prey to commercial pitches from private companies”.

Because of its characteristics as a local supplementary supra-municipal territorial body with legal personality, CCF intends to operate as a “DIRECTIVE CABIN”.

The Polytechnic of Turin – Energy Center assists the CCF in this process of innovative territorial energy governance by providing the technical-scientific skills required to “set in motion the first CERs” in support of the municipalities that intend to launch them.